Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


19. Being there

I woke up today was a day I wish was gone already.......Bucky died today......I need my big brother more than ever. I climbed out of bed and walked over to my dresser drawer and found the only thing I have left of him. His high school football sweater I sniffed it as tears rolled down my face. It smelled just like him musty,sugar mapley,and his colon,I undressed leaving only my panties on then, slipped down the sweat shirt. It was huge on me so I wouldn't have to worry about wearing shorts underneath.I walked out and sat on our couch waiting for Steve to come out so, we could have our are usual day when this date rolls around. We sit on the couch wearing sweats and hold each other both of us cry as we look at pictures and share memories of him. Steve came out dressed and fix his hair in the mirror in our living room. Then picked up his keys and helemets for his bike he slipped on his jacket then looked at me.
"I'm going out with Tasha for the day so I'll see you later." said Steve
He walked down the stairs and left me! He forgot what today was! He forgot his bestfriend, the one he called his brother,the he watched fall to his death! How could he? I started to cry which turned into a sobbing once I finally got a hold of myself I knew only one person who would help me today.
"Yes Ms.Rogers?"
"Can you tell Tony to come up here as soon as he can?"
"Yes ma'am."
Tony came up a few minutes later looked like he was working in the lab.
"Hey little Sammy what's.....up."
Tears rolled down my face, Tony walked right over and held me rocking me as he held me.
"What happened?"
"Bucky death date is today." I said between tears
"I'm sorry Sammy." said Tony
"Steve usual is here for me but, but he went out with his girlfriend not even thinking about what today was. He didn't even notice me crying and he was looking right at me!" I sobbed
"Well I'm here for you, for the rest of the day ok?"
"Thank you." I sobbed out
"Your welcome how about some music?"
"I like ed sheeran." I said
"Yeah." I said smiling
"Ok Jarvis put on Ed Sheeran." said Tony
Skinny Love come on and I sang along against Tony's glowing chest as I cried.
"You have a beautiful voice." said Tony when the song ended
"Thanks." I said drying my eyes
"Hey Sammy?"
"Every have shawrma?"
"What the hell is that?"
"Ok no I have not and I want to try some." I said with a smile
"I'll order pizza to cuz well be here for a bit."
I smiled againist Tony's chest then, I thought of something.
"Ice cream?"
"Knew I was forgetting something." said Tony with his cocky smile
I laughed and pushed him playfully
"There's that smile I love."
I froze so did Tony when he realized what he just said.
"You love my smile?"
"Yeah I do I mean who couldn't love everything about you."
"You love me?"
"Let's just stop right here today is a day I don't want you to remember over somebody else."
"Right.....Bucky."I sighed remembering my first love he would be happy to see me moving on but it still hurt
"I'm gonna order the food ok? Why don't you pick out a movie?"
"Ok how about Scooby doo?"
Soon Tony and I were eating everything he ordered which was a lot pizza,sandwiches,that werid food that my brother nor I like, and lots of different kinds of ice creams
"Where do you put all of that?"
"In my stomach." I said with a loud burp to finish it
Tony froze then, broke out laughing I couldn't help but join. My laughs soon turn into sobs I missed Bucky he loved when I acted like this all tom boyish I miss him so much. I felt arms wrap around me then, felt a kiss on my head.
"It's late you know that?"
"Yeah I'm tired but, please don't leave me." I whimpered
"I promise I won't." said Tony holding me close
I soon fell asleep.......
Tony's Pov.....
I held Sammy as she slept I promise I wouldn't leave her and that's what I wouldn't do I would stay here till she wakes up. I heard the door open it was 11 at night and Steve was just getting home. He's gonna get a mouth ful from me......a big one.
"Tony what happened here!" said Steve looking around at the food mess
"Your sis need comfort and you weren't giving her any so I did it my way."
"Comfort? Comfort for what?"
"You really did forget what today was didn't you?"
"What's today?"
"Who died today Steve?"
"I don't know."
"Wow you don't know that your own friend,the one you called a brother the guy your sister loved died today and you watched him fall to." I said feeling mad as ever
"Oh that's today." said Steve with a sigh
"Yeah you weren't even there for her. I was some big brother you are. You had a date with Tasha and you blew Sammy off. You really messed up big time." I said picking up Sammy and takening her to her room.
"Where you going?"asked Steve
"Your sister asked me to stay with her for the night so, that's what I'm doing I'm making sure to keep the nightmares at bay." I said before I shut the door and lyed in Sammy's bed with her holding her close and making sure she was safe.

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