Captain America's Sister

What happened if Steve had a little sister who was only 19 years old but, was nothing like him and all the boys fall for her and Tasha falls for somebody else?

This was my story off of Quteov hope you all like it!


21. Ball

Tony and I finally got out of my bed around 3 pm, I shooed him out of my room so I could get ready,I looked into my cloest and found my favorite red dress I got for my prom.I love it I was the prom queen and Bucky was the king it seemed so long ago took me 5 jobs,each 10 hours,and 12 months to save up for it....only for me to wear it once....I was wrong, I get to wear it again thank god I love this dress. I put it down got my matching shoes and earring. Set out the make up I would need to make myself looked shunning. I striped down to nothing and ran to my bathroom with my bag that had my shaver,my shampoo,and other stuff I need for my shower. I spent 25 minutes shaving.....and by shaving I mean every where....and I mean every where.....then I finished my shower I dryed off and put my hair up in a towel then, took a blow dryer to it. Some one came into my room.
"Who's there?" I asked
"Me and I-" Tony came into the bathroom stopping and scanned my naked body I squeaked and hide behind the towel closet door.
"Sorry." said Tony walked out backwards
"What do you want?"
"Well first you got a hot body and second-"
"Tony you will not tell my brother you saw me naked or you'll be dead got it?" I said coming out with a towel around me
"Right and do you got something to wear?"
"Yeah." I said grabbing my dress and walking behind the changing screen
I put on my dress and came out holding it to myself I walked over to Tony and turned around.
"Can you lace me up?"
"Sure." said Tony doing the laces
"A little tighter."
Tony pulled it tigther then, tied it. I sat down takening the towel out of my hair for curlies to fall down then, did my make up and put my earrings in.
"Wow you look.....beautiful."
"Better than I did when I was naked?" I said with a twinkle in my eye
"Hmmmm to close to tell I have to see you naked again to decided."
I hit him playfully both for us laughing. Tony helped me up and we walked down to the limo none of the others in sigh.
We got to the ball and Tony helped me out of the car and a whole bunch of camera start flashing at us. Tony grabbed my hand and lead me though the flashing lights. I heard question flying at both of us all of them about me. Most of them very hurtful like was I one of his horrors? Was I pregnant with his kid so that's only why he's with me? I didn't want to listen to the rest so I shut them out knowing it was not true Tony wouldn't hurt me.....would he? We walked into the ball and over to a few people I was on Tony's arm. People were shocked to see Tony Stark and find out he had Captain America little sister on his arm.
"Wanna dance."
"I don't know how to dance to ball room music." I said shyily
"I'll teach you it's just like slow dancing."
Tony took me hand and we slow danced the night away,at the last song we got lost in eachothers eeys and kissed earning a lot of attendtion from the pops who took picture. Tony and I left right away with the pops following us all the way home.
"Steve's gonna get a shock when he reads the paper in the morning."
"What makes you say that?" I asked with a smirk
"God you are so cute." said Tony
"God you are so handsome." I said
We kissed again....I hope he's mine forever

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