Camp Half-Blood: Shadows, Shields and Secrets

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fanfic for the Battle Of The Fandoms comp!!!!! :) :)

Three demigods, sent to retrieve the armour and the shield of Achilles. If they succeed, the demigods might stand a chance against Gaia's forces. If they fail, the demigods lose.


1. Prologue

The figure, clad in black, slipped through Camp Half Blood, alert for any sound. A sense of excitement crept through the figure's veins, filling their mind until they were on the verge of laughing.

Oh, what a victory this would be.

The figure crept past the last few cabins, suddenly hearing somebody walking towards them.

"Hey, who's-"

The approaching demigod's call was cut off as the figure's dagger plunged through their heart. A stolen dagger, the figure smiled. The blame would fall onto another's shoulders, and they would escape punishment.

The figure calmly strode into the trees, cold blue eyes gleaming with amusement. To them, killing was easy, was fun.

To them, killing was just a natural game.

The figure walked between the trees, ignoring the driads emerging from trees around them.

"You tell anyone you've seen me, and I'll burn down the forest," the figure hissed, pulling the hood lower over their eyes. "So spread the word, unless you want the trees to burn."

Striding confidently into a small cave, the figure called out in a low voice,

"I know where the armour is, master."

"Oh, really?"


"Then you will search for it," the voice of the figure's 'master' echoed through the cave.

"Oh, I won't just search, master. I will find it, and the shield. And then... And then, can I join you?" The figure's eyes gleamed with an eager passion to join Camp Half-Blood's enemy.

"Yes. Find me the armour, and you may join. Throw in the shield, and all three of you will be permitted to join us. Does that seem agreeable?"

"Perfectly so," the figure replied. "I will see you when we have found it."

And, with that, the hooded figure was gone, slipping away into the shadows, ready to find the lost armour of Achilles.

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