The One And Only (Louis FanFic)


2. chapter 2.

Please Please Please don't let Sarah be here please. I thought to myself. Sarah is the girl who will do anything and I mean anything. She's never had a real relasionship with somebody. All she does is sleep around. "Hi guys," I heard a high pitched voice say. I turned around to see a girl with blonde hair dipped dyed purple and pink."Hi" I said with the fakest smile ever"Be nice" Louis whispered in my ear."Well i'm not going to put up with her shit tonight,""I know do you just want to leave or stay?""Stay for a bit but if she gets to drunk I'm leaving""Okay just don't drink to much either than,""I won't you know that so don't,""I know let's just have fun." With that we went and sat down in a booth. When we sat down Louis' friend Harry walked over and man is he cute. "Hello Becky," he said with a cheeky smile. "Hi," was all I said I don't want to ruin things you know how some people do when they have a crush on someone.


Harry's Pov.

When I saw Louis I walked over there hoping it was just him. When I saw Becky there I panicked I have a crush but I know she will never fall for a guy like me i mean yeah a lot of girls like me but none compare to her.

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