The One And Only (Louis FanFic)


1. chapter 1.

Becky's Pov.

  "Louis get your arse down here!" I called. Louis and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. Since we've been friends for so long we decided to get an apartment together. "I'm coming calm down," he called from the top of the stairs. "Hurry up we are going to be late.""No, we aren't it's only 8:10 and we have to be there at 8:30." "So, is it bad that I want to be early?""Fine you win this time.""Good now get in the car,""Okay okay" we are on our way to the bar. Louis and I drink but not a lot at a time. When we walked in we saw people grinding each other and taking shots. "Hey guys come over here," Josh yelled as we were walking.

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