"Don't fall in love with me... I'm too damaged for you."
If you think this is some fairy love story, you're wrong. Harry was troubled. His past changed him completely. Living in a world where everyone judges you for every little aspect you do. hes been living on his own, trying to ignore everyones opinion about how he should live his life. Not very many peopled cared enough for him, and those who did had to adapt to his rebellious behavior. He has closed everyone out of his life, not caring if he was alone. He pushes anyone who he thinks cares about him away. But then there's a girl he finds different. She knows he's damaged, and goes to the extent to find out his deepest secrets. Will he be able to break down his falls and give into her love? And will she be able to handle the damaged guy she fell in love with?


1. Winter Feel.

It was one of those days where you just wanted to drink tea all day and read your favorite book. It was the middle of winter, the roads were covered in a blanket of snow. Not letting any cars get through. As if anyone wanted to, it was the season to spend time with your family. But that wasn’t my case. I lived alone in my apartment with my pet cat daisy. I moved out of my parents house when I was 18.

I know that sounds crazy, but I wanted to be a writer but my parents didn’t approve. They wanted me to be a doctor, that wasn’t something I wanted so I moved out to New York. I always wanted to live there, and now I am. i figured there are a lot of successful writers that lived in New York, so I took the daring risk to move out here. Hoping to make it in this world.

It was a beautiful day; even though it was cold and windy the sun was shinning through the puffy clouds, so I decided to go out. Not anywhere special just to my local coffee/tea café. I threw on my rugged boots, and slid on my pea coat and went out.

“Don’t do anything crazy while im out.” I said pointing at daisy.

I know shes a cat, but who else am I suppose to talk to? I was alone. I opened the door to sudden breeze of coldness. It had to be at least 30 degrease out. I folded my hands in my pocket and drudged my way threw the snow. There wasn’t very many people out. Which was surprising because New York is always on the run.  I could get used to this.

The walk wasn’t very long. The café was just a few blocks away. Once I made it there I opened the door to hear a clinging sound above the door. I got a strong smell of freshly made tea, which made my mouth water. There was only a couple of people in the café. It was never really all that busy. I walked up the the cashier.

“Hello miss what can I get you?”

“I’ll have just a plain green tea please.”

“Yes ma’am. Your name?”


“Okay we will call you up.”

“Thank you.”

I walked over to a table and sat. the chair had a chill to it whenever I sat down. I looked outside the window to see nothing but snow covered buildings, cars, & roads. It was truly beautiful. I always loved winter. It was the season for love, family, & happiness. Three things I didn’t necessarily have. But I was happy anyway.

I looked around the place to see the people inside the café. I saw an elderly couple talking among themselves, I saw a girl maybe 17 and her friend laughing over something on one of their phones. But then I saw a guy sitting alone like I was. He had taken off his jacket, he had two cups with him implying he must have been there for a while. He had dark curly hair that he would flip out of his face every so often. His arms had tattoos running up them leading up to his chest. He didn’t acknowledge anyone, he just kept looking outside the window.


The cashier called my name I jumped, still looking at this guy, not even flinching when they called me. I got up and walked over to the cashier.

“Thank you.”

I grabbed my cup and slowly walked back to my seat. The tea was steaming from my cup. I maneuvered the cup up to my mouth slowly taking a sip. I looked over at the guy again. I couldn’t stop staring at him. his movements were slow and careful. Something seemed to be bothering him.

He slowly got up from his chair pulling it back into place, grabbing his jacket off the back and slid his arms into the entrance. He pulled out his wallet and took out some money and placed it on the table. As he was walking out of the café he was watching the ground. As if he were focusing on the movement of his feet.

I finished my tea shortly after and walked out of the café and headed home. I was pretty sure it had gotten colder out since I was last out here. The breeze wasn’t helping any. For it being 30 degrees the breeze made it feel 15. I huddled in my jacket trying to stay warm. When I made it to my apartment I unlocked the door and stepped in. to the rush of warm air flowing on me. I could start to feel my cheeks again. Color was filling my face. I took off my jacket and put it on my coat hanger by my door. I kicked off my boots and walked into my room. I fell onto my bed. I looked over at my clock and it read 5:30pm. I had nothing planed for the day so I made it a movie night.

I decided to play A Walk To Remember, but through the whole thing I couldn’t focus. I kept thinking about the guy at the café. I don’t know why I was. He didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t talk to him. I didn’t know what it was but I tried to get him out of my head. He was just another guy, that was probably full of himself, and a jerk. So I just erased him from my head.


It was the next morning and the streets were still covered in snow but they were more busy. I looked out my window and saw the snow trucks clearing a path for the cars to get through. I had a car but I didn’t like to use it unless I needed to. I liked walking places.

I decided I would go to the café again this morning. I put on my jacket and boots and walked out. I got to the café and when I walked in it was more busy than yesterday. I ordered my drink, but this time to-go because I had to run some errands. There was a line in front of me. I was at the back. I heard the door cling but didn’t look back.

I heard someone stand behind me, but I didn’t think anything of it. Once the door shut I got a sudden whiff of strong cologne. It smelt absolutely amazing. I had to look behind me to see who this person was that smelt so good.

When I turned around there he was, the guy from yesterday, just standing there. “Really?” I thought to myself. It had to be him. out of billons of the people it could have been, it was him. I couldn’t lie he smelt like heaven. I noticed that his eyes were a dark shade of green. And his eye lashes fluttered everytime he would blink. Snap out of it Ella you don’t even know this guy.

It was my turn in line, I ordered my drink and waited to the side. It was his turn to order and he ordered a plain tea with sugar on the side. They asked him is name and he replied,


His voice was so deep and raspy. And I noticed that he had a British accent. The cashier was a girl and you could see that she was flirting with him, but he wasn’t taking the bait. I chuckled to myself. I did it loud enough where he heard me and looked over at me and shot me a smile.

I stopped laughing and looked away. I heard him chuckle and looked away. He had dimples that were a mile deep. It was like everything was in slow motion. He had a cockiness to his laugh. Which I didn’t find very suddle. I got my drink and headed out the door.

“Wait, you left this.” Harry said handing me my phone.

“Thank you.” I said retrieving my phone.

“No problem dear.”

Dear? No guy has ever called me ‘dear’ but then again hes british they probably call everyone that. I walked out of the café and started to run some errands.

Hoping i could get this guy out of my head. 


Authors Note-

Hey guys, new story! I hope you guys like it. I feel like this is going to be a really good story. i hope yall agree. Let me know what you all think so far. and if you want me to continue. Love you loveless <33 

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