"Don't fall in love with me... I'm too damaged for you."
If you think this is some fairy love story, you're wrong. Harry was troubled. His past changed him completely. Living in a world where everyone judges you for every little aspect you do. hes been living on his own, trying to ignore everyones opinion about how he should live his life. Not very many peopled cared enough for him, and those who did had to adapt to his rebellious behavior. He has closed everyone out of his life, not caring if he was alone. He pushes anyone who he thinks cares about him away. But then there's a girl he finds different. She knows he's damaged, and goes to the extent to find out his deepest secrets. Will he be able to break down his falls and give into her love? And will she be able to handle the damaged guy she fell in love with?


2. Christmas Cheer.

Ella’s POV:

The streets of New York were flooded with people. I was already used to this, always being pushed around by strangers. Everyone was scurrying around, probably getting in their last Christmas shopping in. I didn’t do anything special for Christmas, except sit at home turn on Christmas carols and dance around my house with my cat in nothing but a bra and underwear. What a way to spread the Christmas cheer aye?

I had some friends around here, but not a lot because majority of the people who live here think their better than everyone and have their head stuck up their arse’s.

My friend Jenn was coming over later tonight. I usually keep to myself, i wasn’t a very social person. I guess that’s everyones stereotype about writers. Which was half true.

I saw a candle shop walking down the city and decided to stop in. the place smelt like grandma went on a gingerbread craze. It smelt almost as good as café boy did. I wanted to get some candles for myself, but I knew Jenn liked candle as well so I grabbed some for her as well, as a Christmas present. I walked up to the cashier paid for my things and scurried out.

I stayed out for a while, almost all day. I had a lot of things to do. I decided that since I was already out I would walk over to see the famous Christmas tree that New York is known for.

It got colder out and I was only wearing a jacket and boots, with jeans. So on my way to the tree I walked into a local shop to purchase a hat and gloves.

I quickly threw on the soft knitted hat and gloves and headed on my way. I finally made it, and I was speechless. I have seen the tree before and everytime I see it im always so impressed with how beautiful it was.

I looked around to see couples holding hands and admiring its beauty. I felt quite awkward standing there alone. There were families surrounding the place. I sat down on a bench a few feet from where I was standing. To say that the bench was cold was an understatement. I was pretty sure that I was glued to it.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a text message from Jenn,

“Hey, sorry I cant make it tonight Jason fell down the stairs and I have to take him to the hospital.”

Jenn has a 2 year old son, that she raises on her own. The father is always working and never spends time with him. So whenever Jenn can go out to do things she has to have her mom watch Jason. Which she hated to just pawn him off so she could have fun. She was very selfless.

I replied back to her,

“No problem. Hope he’s okay!”

I filed my phone back in my pocket and continued to scan the crowd of people. I looked to my right and saw café boy sitting by himself. He was everywhere. To this point it felt like he was following me. But then again maybe im going crazy because why would he follow me?

I examined him watching his body movements. Sounds creepy I know but I can read people by their body movements. He was sitting alone, looking straight ahead, pulling his hair out of his face from time to time. He looked so lonely. Whenever a family would walk by he would drop his head and pretend to be doing something.

He was wearing black skinny jeans and old pair of rigidity boots that looked like they have exceeded their use. He was also wearing a back flared jacket, with a gray beanie to finish the outfit.

There was something off about him. almost all of the people there had faced plastered on their faces, while he looked like he was having the worst time of his life. I almost got up to go over to him to cheer him up, but he would probably think I was some weird stalker. So I stayed where I was.

I drew my attention off of him and onto a group of teenagers that were hooting and hollering at everyone they were passing by. I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

I looked back over at where café boy was sitting and he was gone. He sure was a mysterious guy. I couldn’t get the look on his face whenever happy people pass him. he looked so miserable. Did he not have anyone here with him here? Was he alone? Maybe he was just having a bad day.

It started to snow, I got up and walked away from the crowd of people. I started to walk home. The further I walked the less people were around. It got quieter and quieter. It was a bit creepy. It was quite a long walk home. I don’t normally walk to times square and back on a regular basis.

I stumbled up to my apartment unlocked it and walked in. I threw off everything except my shirt and jeans. I jolted to my bathroom, turned on the tub faucet and filled the tub with nice warm water. It felt like a good time to just lay there and relax. I stripped down to nothing and climbed into the tub. This was bath was very much overdue.


Harry’s POV:

It was a long day and I wanted to go home. I wasn’t one to go to social gatherings. But I wanted to see the tree. I didn’t stay long. Im pretty sure I saw the same girl from the café that almost left her phone there, at the tree as well. But I wasn’t for sure.

I forcibly walked back to my studio apartment. Once I turned the knob I threw myself on the couch. I wasn’t motivated to do anything. My phone rang, I picked it up to see who it was, Gemma. I ignored the call.

Christmas Is coming around the corner and yet again another year I spend it alone. Most people would be depressed and upset about it. But not me, its been so many years that this has happened that its something im used to. And that if I wasn’t alone I would feel out of place. Because being alone is what im used to.

There’s so much crap running through my mind. This season brings up so much shit in my head, that sometimes it overwhelms me and freak out. I cant help it. Not to mention I have been on my own since I was 16 years old. So yeah anything that is anything remotely happy isn’t for me.

I cant seem to find anything that makes me happy. Other than my love for music. Oh how I would dream to be a musician.

But I know that wont happen. Because that would involve getting to know people and making relationships and im not good at making relationships. I’d much rather sit at home and day dream about it all.

I have a problem with pushing everyone away. I have terrible trust issues. I try not to think about my past because its not something i want to relive.

I slugged off my couch and walked over to my CD shelf and pulled out my Coldplay cd and played it. I fumbled off my boots and jacket and stumbled over to my bed, slowly falling asleep escaping my wretched mind.  


Authors Note-

Hey guys! How do yall like the update? Please tell me if you all dont like me using swear words. i wont use them if you all dont want me to. anyway hope you all like it! Love you lovely's!  

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