Lovely Boys

My name is Malary, Im 18 and my dad abuses me. i ran away and run into the boyband One Direction. and as i get to know them, everything changes. my feelings. my personality. i have feelings for all of them.


1. Travel Far,Far Away From Here.

I was at my house waiting silently in the closet, I held my breath every time my dad past by. This was my escape plan: Wait for my dad to leave my room, get my backpack, get my wallet, go through my window, go on the nearest bus, and let it take me to the trains, I will go from there. Once I heard my door shut, I got out of the closet, grabbed my cell, and jumped out from the window, it wasn't far from the ground. Then I made my way to where the buses were, jumped on one and let it take me to the near by train station. I paid for my train ticket, got on to the other bus and let it take me to Salt Lake City. I took my seat and let my head back, I fell asleep quickly.                                                                                                               When I woke up I was still on the seat, but the bus was crashed on the side of the rode! The bus was tipped over and all the other seats were all empty, cause they were all dead. I turned my head and saw that the ambulance and cops were trying to help! They pulled me out, and put me on an ambulance bed, then they drove off with me. Looks like I wont make it to salt lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A/N sorry for the short chapter.:) 

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