Lovely Boys

My name is Malary, Im 18 and my dad abuses me. i ran away and run into the boyband One Direction. and as i get to know them, everything changes. my feelings. my personality. i have feelings for all of them.


5. Morning Comes.

         I woke up and Niall was snuggling me, he had his head rested on my head. ugg! I tried to move, but when I did, Niall woke up. " Good morning Malary." " Good morning sleeping beauty. I thought that I told you not to snuggle." I said playfully hitting him with a pillow." Sorry. I'm a snuggle bug." He said playfully hitting me back. " Girls, girls, girls. Your both pretty, now shut up!" Louis said handing us a bowl of cereal. " Make me!" I said being a sassy girl I am. " Ok." he said taking my bowl away, then grabbing my waist, then pulling me off of the bed. And then tickling me." Are you going to shut up?" " ok ok!" then he let go.

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