Lovely Boys

My name is Malary, Im 18 and my dad abuses me. i ran away and run into the boyband One Direction. and as i get to know them, everything changes. my feelings. my personality. i have feelings for all of them.


13. Ice Skating part 1

Malory's POV*

I went outside the tour bus... Yay!!! Finally!!!! I'm out of that stupid bus. Then I felt someone grab my arm, "what?" I turned around, only to see Niall with some roses! "Hey, Mal. I just wanted to know if you would want to go on the tour with us... Plus, I brought you flowers." He said, "uh, sure." I said smiling slightly, then grabbing the lovely bouquet, and hugged him tightly. "I would love to. I just need some fresh air, I'll be on the bus at maybe two."

I said turning around, then I felt Niall grab my hand and spin me around. Then kissed me!! After a moment of hesitation, I kissed back. "Also, will you go out with me?" He asked "yes!" I said putting my arms around his neck, then he rested his hands on my hips, making shivers go up my spine.

Niall's POV*

I finally asked her! I'm glad she said yes. "What do you want to do now?" She asked, I though for a second, then said ." We could go ice skating!" I said- well kinda yelled. She nodded, "ok, that sounds fun. But I-I don't know how to ice skate." She said looking a bit sad.

"It's ok, I'll teach you." I said looking into her blueish eyes.

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