Lovely Boys

My name is Malary, Im 18 and my dad abuses me. i ran away and run into the boyband One Direction. and as i get to know them, everything changes. my feelings. my personality. i have feelings for all of them.


3. Hello Again!

As I was listening to my ipod, the day past by so fast, then their tour bus came back. " Do you need a ride, love?" the one with the cute dimple asked. " I'm not supposed to take rides from strangers." " My name is Harry, this is Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn." Harry said, Niall was cute, well they were all pretty cute! " And we're One Direction!" they all said jumping up and waving their hands." And we already know your name, Malary. Right?" Niall said, he's Irish! I nodded my head, and went into the huge tour bus. The boys were just acting really, really funny and random. " Carrots!" Louis said jumping up off his seat, then Zayn pushed back his seat, so when Louis sat down, he fell on the floor. Then we all cracked up laughing! " Haha, very funny Zayn." Louis said getting back up on his seat. I was still laughing pretty hard, its really easy to make me laugh till my gut hurts. " Ok, Malary. You could stop laughing now." Once I stopped laughing, the boys were just staring at me.                                                                                                 " What?" I said smiling and looking down." We know her weakness now, boys." Niall said walking towards me, then tickling me. I laughed so hard that I fell off the seat!" STOP IT NIALL!" I said between breaths. When he finally stopped tickling me, I had tears in my eyes. " Oh, no! Did I hurt you, Malary?" Niall said rubbing my back, a single tear ran down my cheek. " No." I said starting to cry, then Niall put his arm around me. " Why are you crying, love?" Harry said, as he ran towards me. " Because, Niall reminded me of my abusive dad! I'm sorry for yelling." I said barring my face in the couch.                                                                                      

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