Lovely Boys

My name is Malary, Im 18 and my dad abuses me. i ran away and run into the boyband One Direction. and as i get to know them, everything changes. my feelings. my personality. i have feelings for all of them.


12. Ariel

Zayn's POV*

So today I'm meeting with an old friend, her name is Ariel, we've known each other since summer 09! I would like to get to know her- and you know catch up a bit.

"Zayn!?" Niall called from the kitchen, I walked over to the fridge, and grabbed an apple. "Yeah?" "Oh nothing I just wanted a sandwich." I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Where's Mal?" I asked "I don't know, maybe she's in the extra room." "Ok" "I'm going to go to my friend's house. K?" "K."

I walked to her house, and knocked. Then her mom opened the door. "Oh, Zayn! Ariel! Zayn is here!" Her mom said.

Ariel came down the stairs in a towel. "Oh, hi Zayn come in. I'll be back in a min." I just nodded and sat on the couch.

Minutes later, Ariel came downstairs- she was wearing heals, with a beautiful sun dress, I haven't noticed till now, she is beautiful- her eyes had a little sparkle in them and her hair fell perfectly around her shoulders!

"Uh, Zayn?" She said pulling me out of my thoughts, "y-yeah?" I stuttered. "Oh, I- you look beau- I mean nice." Oh, great! I am such and idiot.

"So? Zayn, what have you been up to lately." She asked, "um, well I am in a very famous boy band, and we've just barely got off tour. What have you been up to?" I said nervously playing with my thumbs.

"Well, not much. We just moved here a week ago." She slightly smiled. "I want to ask you something." I said grabbing her hand, "yeah?" "Will you go out with me?" She froze. I'm such an idiot. What if she says no?! Ugh! "Yeah!" She said kissing me! Wow!

A/N: sorry it was a short update, I hoped you liked it :) <3

P.S tell me if you liked it!

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