{Yellow}-Mature content

Drinking, Smoking, Piercings, Hair dye, Make-up. I don't really need to explain myself anymore.


3. Last Night

Chapter 2 - Last Night

Last night was great, I stayed at Josh's place. Mum only phoned once. She wanted me back home. Said I was too young to stay at Josh's. But you know what I'm 16, I'm legally aloud to have sex.

Even though I did it before I was 16. Badass,


Me and Josh walk to school, She has jelled his hair back, He looks so fricken cute, I could just eat him right up!

I met up with Greg as well, Me and Josh finish off the last packet of fags. Josh smokes too, But not as much as me. His mum thinks I'm a bad influence, I am pretty surprised she let me stay over last night, She just said too us,

"Be sensible! I don't want to be a granny and the age of 21!"

She's great, She has a great sense of humour.


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