{Yellow}-Mature content

Drinking, Smoking, Piercings, Hair dye, Make-up. I don't really need to explain myself anymore.


1. ~ Harriet Brendson ~

Intro - Harriet Brendson

Harriet Brendson.

                            That's my name by the way. I don't get on with my mum at all. My dad and me are close, He tries to stop me from drinking, smoking, getting tattoos. He doesn't mind me dying my hair every week nearly, But my hair is shit to work with now, Died it too many times, Its like straw.

I have blue eyes, Purple hair at the moment, But I have no clue how long it'll be like that, Mum said it looks like I am a unicorn, I don't even bother anymore, She's always complaining. I've got a tattoo of my dads name on my back, I was very drunk when it happened. I think, Well I hope because I cant remember getting it done. I have a tattoo sleeve on my right arm. Hopefully getting my other arm done for Christmas. The tattooist is my mate Greg. He's 4 years older than me. I am too young to get it done by a professional, But Greg's working on being one. I also get my fags from him, Great pal he is. I am a olive colour mum's from Africa, Dad's from New York, But we are currently living in New Zealand.


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