{Yellow}-Mature content

Drinking, Smoking, Piercings, Hair dye, Make-up. I don't really need to explain myself anymore.


2. Fml

Chapter 1 - FML

I walk into class. Mrs.Tucker stares at me.

"Where have you been?" She shouts at me from behind.

"Does it matter?" I say

"Well, Why would I be asking if it doesn't matter!" She shouts.

"I don't know miss, You are blonde remember! Better get checked out by the school nurse if your asking me a silly question, you obviously are gunna get a silly answer!"

The class suddenly becomes a class full of laughter.

"Go sit down Harriet!"

"Well... I was on my way miss and its Harry by the way!"

Mrs.Tucker give me the eyes.

"Hurry up!" She snaps

"Woah, Calm it miss, I'm on my way!" I say while I take as long as I can to piss off Mrs.Tucker even more.

"DETENTION" She screams in my face

"What?" I say pretending not too hear.


"Woah! I heard you the first time no need to shout!"

I walk out of the class room, I'm not actually going to detention this is my chance to skive.. Or meet up with Josh. He's waiting for me, I love him, He grabs onto me hugs me, kisses me on the cheek then whispers in my ear.

"What this time?"

"Mrs.Tucker" I whisper in his ear.

I then go into kiss him.

He's beautiful, He has brown eyes, Blonde hair and the cutest smile any guy could ever have. He my man, I would never want to change him one little bit.

We've been going out since we were 14, 2 years have past now. I still love him just as much, Maybe even more.





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