Danny Phantom and Harry Potter: A Ghost and Wizard Crossover

Danny Phantom was enjoying life, things were back to normal. But then Death Eaters attack! Danny, Sam, and Tucker journey to England to help out the Order.
This is set after TUE (Danny's family survived) and During the OotP.
Please enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

This fanfic is set after TUE, Danny has developed his new powers of ice, transportation, duplication, and healing. Danny's family is still in the dark except for Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!!!

Danny's P.O.V.

I was flying high above Amity Park, I loved my midnight fly overs. I could actually think and take a breath for once. I looked at the clock tower and saw it was a little past 10:00, I began flying home and landed on the ops center and was about to transform when I saw a dude in a black cloak and mask "And who are you?" I said "I represent a very powerful person ghost." he said "He wishes to purify the world and sees you for your true potential"

I didn't like the way he said purify "What does that mean? It sound like you want to kill innocent people."  i said my eyes glowing 

"These people have disgraced our world and it needs to be purified." He said "No thanks, I have a policy of protecting people and not working with crazed fruit loops. Now leave." I growled holding up my already glowing hand. 

"This wasn't an offer you ca refuse, you will be coming with me." He raised his arm with a stick 

"News flash fruit loop, Sticks and Stones don't hurt me!" I said speeding up ready to fire an eco-blast

Then he yelled some weird words I saw a flash of light and felt pain, just pain. I didn't know how he had hurt me but I felt like my body was on fire in a pile of knives. I screamed my head off wishing the pain would stop. Then it did. I looked up white and black spots clouding my vision. I saw two guys fighting, except they were flicking their wrists, shouting weird words, and flashes of light were dancing across them. I slowly got up, and took a deep breath. Whoever the other guy was, he was helping me. I flew forward and started shooting eco-blasts. 

The guy in black turned and screamed some more words, but I was prepared. I created an eco-shield and deflected the blast, giving enough time for the other guy to throw some more light at the guy forcing him away in a cloud of black smoke.

"Thanks, who was that guy? And who are you?" I asked. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Remus Lupin, I was sent here to inform you about my world, and ask for your help. That was a Death Eater, he represents the opposing side in our war."

"Well Remus, thanks for saving me, but you have some explaining to do." I said 

"Call me Lupin, You see, I come from Britain. I am a wizard, yes magic is real. There is a dark wizard that wishes to enslave all muggles and destroy all half bloods and muggle born wizards. i am apart of the Order of the Phoenix, we oppose him and fight him every step of the way.He has found out about you and wishes to harness your special powers, we came to stop him from harming you and ask you to join our side."

"If this dude is as bad as you say, I think I should help you. And what are muggles and muggle borns?" I asked

"They are non magical people and wizards born into non magical wizards." Lupin said. "Well, if I go, I need to bring along some friends, i want to make sure they are safe and they are the my team." I said

"Of coarse, who would they be?" Lupin asked "Sam Manson, Danny Fenton, and Tucker Foley." I said. 

"I will consult with the Order, but I see no problem. I will contact them in the morning. How will I contact you? Danny Fenton can contact me. No, I need to go, thanks for the help." I said, flying off

Lupin then disappeared into thin air. And I went to my room to take a well deserved sleep.




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