On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


6. The interview

so kiyara...liam said ..they just turned back from there family.we have an interview today and we want you to wach it on tv.Harry laughed and said'yeah you really have to wach it.i said'sounds okay to me ..'harry winked at me 'so boys its time to go'niall said while he was walkinginto the room.'okay harry said.he walked over to me and gave me the best kis ever 'i'l mis you'harry isayd'ooh i miss you to''but im back in 3hours'harry said kissing my forhead.when the boys walked out i putted on bbc1 i was thinking about how good harry was in bed and in normal life after this month he already meant the world to me and he always told me that i was his everything and that he wanted to be with me forever ...he made me feel like a princes ...while i was thinking verry deeply i saw harry on tv and all i could concentrate on was the tv. 'so'the interviewer said 'lets start with the question every teenage girl wants to know'the interiewer continieud'who is still singel ?'niall and zayn reached up there hands i knew that louis was with eleanor and liam with danielle 'ooh harry or you finally taken'the interviewer asks ...i was shocked cause the outside world didnt know enything about uss about me.. was harry going to finally say it?'yeah im finally taken'harry said 'by an amazing girl cald kiyara''shes the best thing ever happend to me'ifelt a teer coming in my eye ...'so do you guys know here'the interviewer asks the other boys niall said'yes we do ''she is really sweet'than liam sais'we spent the last month with here and she is everything a boy needs'i was shocked about liam saing that cause he never talks about danielle that way...'isnt danielle jeleaus?'the man asked than i was so shocked cause liam turned totally red he couldnt talk enymore so he just mompled'no she isnt .when the boys came home i was really happy harry runed over to me and gave me kiss 'did you watched the interview love'harry asked i did it was so sweet of you guys it really was ...i said they all laughed we all love you kiyara they all said 'i love you guys to'i answerd


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