On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


10. My verry last chapter

So today me and harry are togheter for3 uears and we still love eachoter,more evry day..harry even proposed to me !...i went on tour with them as tjey whent on tour with me...the other oys accepted me beeing with harry bit they are still in love whit me and they dont date anyone because off me ...once liam had sex with someone and he was crying all night long because i am the only one he wants to do it whit i am so thankfull to these guys they are my everything xxx


hope you guys enyojed'on my way to starbucks'cause i really did on writing it...i love you all ! and remember 'keep going to starbucks,caise you never know...;)'.....



kiyara xxx

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