On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


5. My verry first time

 When we all got up in the morning the boys where saying that they where going to see there families..but me and harry staid home...i saw harry undressing me with hes eyes i laughed'harry why are you looking at me like that? ''He smiled it was a naughty smile...he walked over to me and kissed me he lifted me up and brought me to bed.he slowly laid on me and hes hand was going over my dye under my tshirt...i putted my hands on his bag as he was slowly kissing me and tickling me ...he took off my shirt and he was looking at my body as he bite hes bottom lip 'damn kiyara..'i took of hes belt and then hes jeans.i felt his giant boner..he took of my pants and i pulled of his shirt...i felt his boner between my legs...'are you sure kiyara'he asked me'ofcourse i am harry are you?''1000%'he said my hand was going in hes pants and i started giving him a handjob i heard him moaning in my ear 'ooh god kiyara'. He turned me around so i was sitting on him he took of my panties and he putted hes fingers in my and i felt no pain at all.i was enjojing it soo badly than he stopped and i took of his boxers and lookd at his erecion 'let me in'he said while he whent in ...hard oooh god harry...i screamed. Than we bought reached or climax ...'ooh god kyara 'he said 'your so fucking good'i laughed looking at m.so am i good?he asked ooh harry your more than that i said'i think i love you kiyara..i know its fast but i really do..'i smiled at him 'i love you too darling 'i answerd to him...he kissed me your the best kiyara he said i was soo in love just unbelieveble...

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