On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


3. Last first kiss

waaw she really looks like an angel''are you sure you didnt kissed her harry ?''i woke up because off the wispering...i slowly opend my eyes harry noticed i was awake 'hey beautifull i made you some breakfast'he looked at you and smiles'you look amazing againg love'i started  blushing'ooh thank you harry'he handed me a plate of pancakes as i noticed 4 boys sitting in the couch i knew them from on the tv 'heey beautifull''goodmorning love'the boys where saying to me.you slept well?liam asked you 'like a queen 'i said 'thank you liam'he smiled at me 'whell'louis said 'or secret...but we think harry has a huge cruch on you'louis continieud'the way he looks at you...'i started smilng as harry walked up to me took my hand and said 'well kiyara we have a show and interview today,but please stay here waiting for me cause i dont wanne miss you already 'harry said 'okay cool i'l stay around'i said."your the best'harry said he gave me a little kis on my cheek'ooh harry has a crush'louis said but than he looks at harry and turns red ,like he said something wrong.harry starts blushing like really badly'louis that was or secret'he wispers loud enough for me to hear it he looks at me i smile.than i saw that i was still waring hes clothes from the night before...'excuse me guys im going to cange ''okay harry said letting my hand go.i walked in to the bathroom and i heard the boys talking:waaw shes so pretty zayn said 'and sooo sweet,niall answers "i know and i really like her so please dont mess this up for me "hary answers 'we wont , louis says...i laughed as i started to change my clothes...when im readdy i walk in to the the livingroom when harry says to me 'im sorry love its time for us to go'he was looking  with disapoitment in hes eyes ,okay i said'i gave him a huge hug as he whispers in my ear 'im going to miss you kiyara'you smile at him 'bye guys 'i say and they all gave me a hug...niall opend the door and i saw them walking towards the elevator bye love harry says...bye handsome..he smiles..the elevator was there they all walk in and as im planning on closing the door harry runs out of the elevator towards me putt his giant hands around my neck and kisses me like never before or toungs where dancing like we where made for eachother harry breaks the kiss and says 'i dont have to go to that interview if i dont want to the rest of the boys walk out of te elevator as they where walking towards uss 'thats right'zayn says harry smiles at me and kisses me againg'lets explore london today 'he says ...

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