On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


9. Home shopping

When me and harrynfinally found the perfect house...me harry and the boys whentshopping first we where going to look for the perfect coutch ...there was paparazzi everywhere but when we walked into the store it was really queit in there looking after the perfect couch wasnt that hard but then we where looking for the perfect bed niall and zayn made there decion really fast niall choose a white boxspring zayn a black one and liam and louis a grey one for harry it was pretty hard to find the perfect bed...we bought became verry sexual active and we did almost everynight harry was like a god in bed and hearing him moan always made me turned on even more knowing that i was the one that gave him pleasure like that made my ego much bigge: harry walked over to a black lether boxspring and sit on it waaw this one feels amazing harry said  while looking at me i smiled and walked over to himi went and sit next to him yeah this one really is good isnt it i said'you thonk this one is the one'he asked me'i think so'i said while looking at him lets go and pay when we where standing at the cash harry bend over and putted his lips next to my ear and slowly whisperd'we do need to test the bed,to make sure it can handle uss'he winked at me i gave him a naughty face and whent back ...thats going to be a hot night again...

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