On my way to starbucks

Kiyara just moved to london when she un-packed her last boxes she goes to starbucks..she meets a tall curled hair boy named harry he makes kiyara melt! But what will happen later?? ...


2. At harry's home

When we finally reached harry's building after that long long walk,i was pretty exhausted.But i didnt mind the walk because we really had the chance to talk about so manny stuff and i felt that harry took the apurtunity to flirt with me as well,he hgae me alot of compliments about my eyes and hair and about my face...i didnt know how to react cause i was pretty shy so i just smiled at the ground.harry was holding the door for me as i walked in to the door and waited by for the elevator.harry leaded me in the elevator and pushed the button to the 3th floor.when we walked into hes flat i said"woow its so cosy in here"he had hes bed standing in the corner and hes kitchen was a few steps away."so you probebly want to take a shower after or walk?"harry asked me as i put my bag on the ground"ooh that would be really nice,thank you harry'i gave him a 'little' kiss on hes cheek now he was the one that started of blushing.he leaded me in to the badroom and handed  me over a packet of towels"here you go love"harry said ,than i realiced i didnt brought anny fresh clothes with me...i shyly said to harry"euhm..i didnt brought anny fresh clothes with me..."i turned a little bit red."hahaha"harry smiled as he walked in to a closeth and took a t-shirt and boxer "they may be a little bit large.he winked at me.i took of my clothes and the water started flowing i put the door a little bit more openfor the co2.the water started flowing over my body i enyojed the shower really much.when i finished the shower i start  to dry myself but i didnt know harry could see me a tinny bit because of the opening from the door so he saw my naked legs and back u.i took the shirt and putted it on after i put the boxers on.i walked out the bathroom and i looked at harry."waaw you lookdamn se..euhh i mean ...you look verry pretty."i laughed cause i know he wanted to say im sexy...that tought gave me a nice feeling in my stomach i never felt it before it felt like..i didnt know...like butterfly's?do i have feelings for harry?i whent and sit on the couch waaw im really tired i said"whel if you want to..i mean you..yeah if you want to..you can stay for the night harry nervously but super cute asked you."oh yeah that seems really nice."iisaid."but you do have to know that the boys are coming over tomorow morning and they are going to ask all the questions and stuff,but it would be really nice if you staid'harry said i smiled and said"i'l stay" he was lying on the bed...iput my head on hes chest'i likeyou kiyara'he said'ilike you to'we bought fel a sleep...

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