my dear louis

(larry stylinson) harrys last letter to the person he loves


1. my dear louis

my dear louis

its been 99 days since you left this world

yet it still fells like yesterday i found you hanging from that tree

the boys try to comfort me but it doesnt work i only want you and only you

but i quess thats impossible

ive been to a theropist but hasnt made the pain go away

every moring i wake up expecting to see you lying next to me

but youre not there and you never again will be

ive not been with anyone since you lou

and i will ever be able to love again

but i dont want too

youre the only person i will ever love

i read the note you left me every day it tells me to stay strong

i have till now but i dont think i can anymore

so i have lasted 99 days lou

but i cant stand it any longer

i applogise for the tears on this paper

but i cant contain myself sometimes

this is my last goodbye

i will see you soon louis

yours forever



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