Dark Queen

Saphira is an average 16 yr old girl living in England. She leads a pretty boring life.....except sometimes strange things happen to her, especially when she is angry! And what about those strange but captivating dreams she has? Everything is a mystery to her untill, one night she is nearly kidnaped by strange masked men and then gets a visit from Albus Dumbledore, who tells her that she is a witch and that her every decision could change the world....


2. The Dream

" Your late" Said a cold dark voice.

" So sorry my lord, so sorry" Wheezed a small voice.

"You will do better next time, will you not Wormtail? Or do you wish to feel my.....displeasure?

"No! M-m-my l-l-lo-o-r-r-d I will do better next time! I w-wi-i-l-l" Stuttered the voice

" So..... is Draco ready?"

"Ye-e-s-s m-my l-o-ord"

"Good. He wil be branded within the hour." Hissed the cold voice.


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