Dark Queen

Saphira is an average 16 yr old girl living in England. She leads a pretty boring life.....except sometimes strange things happen to her, especially when she is angry! And what about those strange but captivating dreams she has? Everything is a mystery to her untill, one night she is nearly kidnaped by strange masked men and then gets a visit from Albus Dumbledore, who tells her that she is a witch and that her every decision could change the world....


1. Authors note

Hi everyone!!!

The book is written from other peoples point of veiw other than saphira's.

This is set in the 6th Harry Potter book

This is my first movella so let me know what you think!!!

A little bit more about Saphira:

Saphira is 16 yrs old and lives in an English town called Southend. Her mum is called Linda and her dad is called Scott. She is an only child.

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