One direction are vampires ?

You know one direction as a normal boy band but thats not all there is too know about them . Hannah is a normal 17 year old who finds a dark secret of theirs while she is walking down the street At night should she keep a secret or tell someone?...


4. With niall?

Niall's Pov... i got up from sleeping it was midnight i went in Hannah's room i think she looked pretty sleep i kinda like her anyway touched her arm she woke up and i said are you ready to go she said sure we whispered we then walked down stairs tip toed easly opened the door carfuly and went out took the car and drove off p.s i was driving Hannah to the beach for awhile i said to her here we are said the beach cool i said at least you have some fredom she said yeah we sat down near the ocean and she put her head on my shoulder i said look up she then looked up we were about to kiss then...The boys showed up Harry got out of the car Hannah had a worried face on her cause Harry had a mad face and walked fast near us i said Sorry Harry she need fredom for awhile and how did you find us he said i have versions of you sometimes thats how i found you now let me have Hannah i said No i will take her home Zayn then got out of the car and had a mad face to Hannah got more frighted he tried to put Hannah in the car but she kicked him in the neck he then kick Hannah in the leg she fell i said thats enough now stop hurting her guys i said are you okay Hannah she said no i think i broke my foot i checked it it was broken i said to Zayn and Harry i am going to drive her to the hospital they said fine but bring her back to the house after i said okay i said to Hannah i am sorry that my plan did not work she said it is fine i will get out of here sometime i then picked her up put her in the car she said thanks i said anytime if you need help come to me okay she said okay we then drove of to the hospital we then got there i opened the car door picked her up and walked in the hospital the person in charge said whats the problem i said broke her leg the woman said ok go in room #5 i said thanks we went in room 5 and this doctor said whats the promblem said broken foot he said i can fix that in no time he got a cast out put it on her it was Green my favorite color and he said your all good to go and she will need some cruches they had leopard duck tape on it she took them and the doctor said bye see you in a month we said thanks and i said to Hannah are you alright now she said yes thanks i said sence we are signing out with this black marker can i sign your cast she said yeah you can i then put my name Niall then next to it <3 we then walked back to the car and drove to the house and on the way home Hannah said i don't want to go back there i said me either but we have to we then went to the house and went back to sleep.                                                                                               Thanks for reading my chapter and remmber to give me favors thanks!~Whipcream girl aka Hannah!

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