One direction are vampires ?

You know one direction as a normal boy band but thats not all there is too know about them . Hannah is a normal 17 year old who finds a dark secret of theirs while she is walking down the street At night should she keep a secret or tell someone?...


2. why does this need to happen?

Hannah's Pov-                                                                                                                                        I was running and running for my life i then looked behind me one direction was still trying to catch me i got scared i then hid in another corner i needed to catch my breathe then in one moment they caught me i tried to scream but i couldn't cause Harry put his hand around my mouth i tried to kick Harry but he was too strong every thing then went black...                                                         ~Whipcream girl ∞ aka Hannah                      hoped you liked my chapter please comment what you think about it,like my story please and favor thanks!!! 

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