One direction are vampires ?

You know one direction as a normal boy band but thats not all there is too know about them . Hannah is a normal 17 year old who finds a dark secret of theirs while she is walking down the street At night should she keep a secret or tell someone?...


1. oh my god

Hannah's POV-

I was walking down the street when i saw something weird i decided to go check it out. I followed where the sound was coming from And when i got there There were 5 People they looked like Teenagers Then there was someone on the ground they were huddling around him or something. I gulped hard i was scared A little Wondering what they were going to do I then heard the person on the ground say ...Help

Then one of the boys said "Oh were help you " I then heard the guy scream and yell AH i was so scared so i hide somewhere were they wouldn't see me but i could see them. They got up with blood on there lips and There eyes were red Vampire i thought to myself i looked closely and They weren't just any vampires they were One direction  One direction are vampires ?? Man London isn't as boaring as i though...I ran home right after they got closer to me.

Authors note 

Hope you liked it if you did like and favor the story that would be awesome!!! Thanks ~Whipcream girl aka Hannah 

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