One direction are vampires ?

You know one direction as a normal boy band but thats not all there is too know about them . Hannah is a normal 17 year old who finds a dark secret of theirs while she is walking down the street At night should she keep a secret or tell someone?...


5. In the morning

Hannah's Pov...So i woke up i was in Niall's room i then heard Niall coming up the steps then he came in the room and said that we are going to Starbucks this morning i said okay so we drove of to Starbucks ofcourse the rest of the boys had to come with us so anyway we got to starbucks and Niall said to me what would you what to eat i said i just want some cookies and a coffie with whipcream on it so we all sat down i sat next to Niall and after we were done eating Louis said can i talk to you outside please i said sure so we went outside i said so what did you want to ask me he said well Hannah...........I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU i slapped him in the face and went back in starbucks to niall then we finally left starbucks and went back to the boys place i don't want to be any more and i mean it i am tired of it.                                                                              Thanks for reading and favoring my story favor more!~Whipcream girl aka Hannah

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