You Don't Understand

A story about a girl named brinely being bullied, betrayed, but also her friendship!


7. Lauren's Pov

I was going on a walk and taking in all the beautifulness if Winter.

It's such a beautiful season.:)

Then I heard someone crying..
I started too look around and finally I spotted the crying person..

She looks my age.. she's barefoot and doesn't have a coat. Oh gosh.

"are you okay?"  I asked her,I didn't get a reply. 

"hey.. are you okay?" I asked for the second time.

"I'm b//,I'm depress,I'm fine." She said..

She's not fine.. She's broken.. She's depressed.

"come with me." I said and she nodded.

I got her in my car and gave her my coat. I turned the heat as high as it could go.

I hope she doesn't get sick.

.. It wasn't until I put my coat on her.. I noticed bruises.. And cuts upon her arms.. 

what's happened too her?
I decided too not ask. She's probably going too get sick and doesn't feel well.

we got too my house and I pulled in my garage. I got out and so did she.

I led her inside my house.

"you need a shower. I probably have clothes for you." 

I turned the water on hot for her and gave her an outfit. 
Which was my black leggings,and my sleeveless green shirt,and my socks with my brown combat boots.

"You're welcome too use anything,okay? I wanna ask you a couple questions after you shower."

I said and left the bathroom.

Then.. I realized I left my razor in there.. 

Oh no.

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