You Don't Understand

A story about a girl named brinely being bullied, betrayed, but also her friendship!


6. Brinelys Pov

I ran away.. I'm running away. I'm not looking back. 

I can't go back. I won't go back.

I don't need anyone. No one needs me.

I only hurt people.. they only hurt me.

It's winter and I'm running barefoot.

I can't feel anything. I've been running for miles.. I need too sit down.

I see a park bench. That should be good. 

I sat down and started too get my breathing back too normal. Hugging myself too try and get warm.

"are you okay?" I heard a voice say.

Probably too someone else.
No one cares about me. 

"hey.. you are you okay?" The voice came again.. 

This time I looked up..

She was talking too me..

"I'm b/,I'm depress/,I'm fine." I started too say out.

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