You Don't Understand

A story about a girl named brinely being bullied, betrayed, but also her friendship!


4. Brinelys Pov

There's always a messed up kid out of the bunch..
It just so happened too be me.

I'm more then messed up.

I've been pushed in a hole so far down there's no coming up. 

I can't save myself. I'm sitting in y room with the fan on high and I can't feel anything. 

This is good.. I deserve this.. My father and mother would probably agree.. 

Especially since what happened last night...

I started packing. I can't live here anymore. I can't do it.! 

I packed and threw everything in my bag.

I started for the door.

"OW" I yelled as I was being pulled back by my hair.

"Fucking slut. Where do uuuu think you're goingg?!" My mother slurred.

"You suddenly care?" I asked.. sadly feeling up with hope.

"no stupid. I need a bitch too get me my beer,duh faggot. How did I ever get such a dumb bitch as a kid? So,glad I have Blake & MaKayla." 

I can't take this anymore.

"I'm sorry." I ran too my room.

I turned on," If I'm James Dean, you're Audrey Hepburn." By; Pierce The Veil.

I walked into the bathroom..

*slash!* faggot
*slash* hoping
*slash* stupid
.. For what I don't even remember..


I looked down at my freshly cut arms.. then too my old cuts.. which seem to be over traced with new cuts..

I pulled my long sleeve shirt down covering them.. 

honestly,no one understands my pain.. You Don't Understand.. How bad it hurts.! 
not being good enough for your own parents..
the parents that were suppose too love you no matter what you look like or how smart you are.

I.. I just can't trust anyone..
My.. My best friend.. Sydney embarrassed me in front of the hole class.. She told my secrets.. My deepest darkest secrets..
That's when I learned I can't trust anyone.. 

There's nights when it just gets so bad.. So bad I want it too end and cry myself too sleep.
Being judged for my music.. And my band T's..

I can't please anyone..
My grades are never good enough..
Not liking the best music..
Just fucking being myself..

I sit in silence and act happy.. But on the inside.. I'm dying..

I hear my fathers voice.. when he was nice.. everywhere..

My mother was never nice..

I can't.. It hurts knowing your father's here.. and he won't save you.

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