You Don't Understand

A story about a girl named brinely being bullied, betrayed, but also her friendship!


3. Brinelys Pov

I'm gone. I'm far from gone.
I'm not looking back. 

let my parents have they're dream child.

who the hell needs me?

no one wants a depressed girl as a child. 

they want someone beautiful and I'm not even close.

They don't want a girl who cries every night and holds it in all day..

too be honest.. My walls are built up in the day but at night they just come crumbling down.

I can't take it anymore.
I'll never get this dark cloud of depression over me.. 

It started when I was 7..

*flash back*

"oh,Brinley.. how the hell did I ever have a baby so ugly." My "mother" slurred out.

I didn't say anything.
I couldn't get anything out.

"ANSWER YOUR MOTHER, SLUT." My "father" yelled as he pushed me on the floor. 

"I.. I .. I don't know,mommy. " I stuttered out. Still, sitting on the floor afraid too move of what would happen next.

"you really should die. We could have some pretty kids again like Blake." My "mother" said again.

that's when it started..

"go the hell to you're room dumbass."

I ran.. I ran as fast as I could.

I ran into the bathroom and searched for my fathers razor. 

I dragged it along my wrist.. 

*Slash* being ugly
*slash* being a slut.
*slash* for everything..
*slash* for anything.
For the hell of it.

up and down my arms.. Over and am over again.

..and too think.. My parents caused this. 

these horrible scars up upon my arms.. forever too stay.. Hidin away.

My cuts have been worse. 
I do it everyday.

I looked down at my scars.. I started too count..

"4,9,12,27," I have 27 cuts all up and down my ONE arm..

how could I ever let it get this far.

It's not right.. I should've ever of done this.. It.. It just seemed right at the time..

You start.. you just get do addicted too the pain.. or what I should say.. the extra pain just added on too me.

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