Operation Heart Take Over

This is a story about two teens named Vanessa and Charice. Just another day at work for both of them but what will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? I suggest you read it xo

(This story is off my Quotev account)


1. Vanessa Lautner


Name: Vanessa Emma Lautner
Nicknames: Nessa & V
Age: 18
Birthday: 25th March
Likes: Parties, music, my friends and family, hugs, the colour purple, converses & my dog Chubby
Dislikes: Clowns, smoking, horror movies
Personality: friendly, caring, confident, social butterfly, party animal
Family: Mum Stacey & Brother Matthew (Aged 16)
Pets: A English Staffy named Chubby he is completely white with only two brown spots around his eyes
Lives: Selby, North Yorkshire now lives in Wolverhampton, England
Hair Colour: Black with purple tips (as you can see in photo)
Eye Colour: Dark blue
Clothing Style: I'm a very casual t-shirt, skinny jeans, converses type of girl

Background Story:
When I was 14 my parents divorced (thank god I hated my dad) I was originally from Selby, North Yorkshire but since my parents split my mum, brother and I moved to Wolverhampton. Ever since then I started working my ass off at school to hopefully get a OP 1 in medical. But when I hit the age of 16 all of my studying and paying attention in class went down hill. This is when I started going to parties nearly every second night and getting drunk and high on alcohol and drugs & thats when I got my first tatoo 'Forever Young' located on my wrist, also got another tattoo music notes on the bottom of my back. I left high school in the middle of grade 11 because school work was becoming harder. I gave up on going to parties as well. After a year of staying at home and getting yelled at by mum saying 'I shoud get off my lazy ass and find a job'. I finally did find a job at Wolverhampton Medical Center and this is where I found my amazing Best Friend Charice Brandy


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