Operation Heart Take Over

This is a story about two teens named Vanessa and Charice. Just another day at work for both of them but what will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? I suggest you read it xo

(This story is off my Quotev account)


8. Out Of His Coma

Vanessa P.O.V

I take my hand away from his face quickly. Stepping back from the bed I watch as his body came back to life. I watch as he attempts to move every muscle in his body.

"where am I?" he questioned, I wonder if he has noticed me?

I decided to come away from the corner so he could see he wasn't alone in this small hospital room. He face turns to me and jumps a little at my presence as I walk out from the corner.

"I'm sorry if I scared you" I apologise

"No it's fine" he reassures me "so where am I?" he says while trying to sit up

"Your in the hospital and I don't think you should do that" I say as I walk closer to him and helped him sit up a little.

"thanks, wait why am I in a hospital?"

"you had a car accident and you had to go under hours of operations to fix your leg, then your body went into a coma" I answer All he does is nod his head

"so how long have I been in the coma?"

"about 2 and a half weeks, I should go get you a doctor to give you a check up" I say as I made my way to the door "wait" I stopped and turned to face him

"I didn't catch your name" "Vanessa" I reply and headed out the door


(A/N: Thoughts? Please comment below if you have any problems or you wanna just talk. Thanks heaps. Lots of love xoxo)


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