Operation Heart Take Over

This is a story about two teens named Vanessa and Charice. Just another day at work for both of them but what will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? I suggest you read it xo

(This story is off my Quotev account)


9. Nice To Finally Meet You

Charice P.O.V


"Oh you god damn stupid computer" I cuss under my breath, I am not very patient with technology.

"Charice!" I snap my neck up to see Nessa quickly making her way towards me.

"What is it Ness?"

"It's Louis he is awake from his coma" I look at her with wide eyes.

Louis wasn't suppose to awake from his coma for another week. I grab my doctors equipment from underneath the desk and start to make my way down the long hallway.

"Is it ok if I come?" I hear Van ask

"No I think you should stay at the desk in case there are any emergency phone calls and you should call Louis's friends to tell them he is awake and fine"

"ok" I made my way to room 125 and carefully walk inside to find Mr Tomlinson sitting up.

"Hi" he greets "Hello, I'm doctor Brandy" I walk over to his bed and shake his hand.

His hands are warm, he has a small smile placed on his face.

"How are you feeling" I ask my patient

"I'm feeling great after being a sleep for 2 and a half weeks" I smile


Vanessa P.O.V


I walk back to the desk and grab the phone and dialed Liam Payne's phone number, I wait and he picks up on the second ring.


"Hello is this Liam Payne?"

"Yes who is this?"

"Oh sorry I'm Vanessa from the medical surgery, I would like to inform you that Louis Tomlinson has just come out of his coma"

"Really? Is it okay if the lads and I come up to see him?"

"Umm that should be ok"

"Ok we will be up in 1 hour, thanks again"

"that's ok cya soon" I hung up and turned my computer on.


~One Hour Later~


Louis's P.O.V It's so boring in this hospital room. There is nothing on the TV and I'm limited to what I can and can't do. I hate hospitals but least there are good looking chicks here. I hear a knock at the door and see Vanessa

"Louis you have visitor"

Finally some company. That's when 4 boys run into the room swarming the little bed.

"Louis are you ok?" They all asked at once

"Yeah I'm fine, how have you guys been?"

"It's been horrible there has been no one to make me laugh" Niall says

"You poor little leprechaun" Niall laughs I have missed these boys.



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