Operation Heart Take Over

This is a story about two teens named Vanessa and Charice. Just another day at work for both of them but what will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? I suggest you read it xo

(This story is off my Quotev account)


10. Impacts


Charice's P.O.V

It's been a few months since Louis has awoken. I've become acquaintances with the boys while Vanessa has become actual friends with them.
I look down at my watch and notice how late I'm running. I grab my bag and race out the door.
As I stopped at the red light, my phone buzzed. I pull it out of my bag to see a text from Vanessa asking where I was. I sigh and type that I'm coming and drive when the light turns green. I sigh and rub my head and yawn, accidentally closing my eyes. I open them in time to hit another car side ways. I immediately get out and run to help the drive. As I opened their door, I noticed petrol leaking from the car. I run back to my car and grab my valuables and go and help the driver out of his car. I manage to pull him away and place him on the side of the road. I go to check for a pulse when he grabbed my arm. "Please....my daughter...she's in the car" he breathed. I got up and raced over to the mans car and sure enough, there was a little girl inside. I open the door and grab her whole car seat and start to walk back to the pavement when there was a big explosion and I felt my self and the child go flying through the air. I hit the pavement and feel the blood oozing from my head, arm and leg. I manage to stand up and to limp over to the little girl. "Sweetie" I say as she didn't move. I start doing CPR on her. I get a pulse and run over to my car to my scanner. Just as I reached there, I felt my car explode and myself go flying again except this time, I hit the road landing on a stick and felt it go right through me. This time, I knew I wouldn't survive this impact.

Vanessa's P.O.V
I frown when Charice never arrived. She's never late for her shift. She sent me the text an hour ago and she hasn't showed up. I look up when I saw two gurney's being wheeled in. Something about an accident. Then a third gurney rolled in and I saw the dress and in a heartbeat I knew it was Charice. I look at Marcus who walked over to me. "Tell me it isn't her" I plead and he just gave me a look. "Charice!" I yell trying to get past him as the gurney goes past the desk. "No! Come back!" I yell. I pound my fists on Marcus as he held on to me. "Charice" I say as tears filled my eyes.
I sat with the boys when one of the surgeons walked out and over to us. I stood up and she sighed. "I'm terribly sorry but she hasn't made it" Julia said. Those words made me crumble to the ground. My best friend, soul mate, sister and rock has gone. The heavens took my angel back to heaven for no reason at all. I let the tears drip as I start to shake my head not believing it. "No. No you're lying" I say standing up. "You're lying. She's awake in the hospital bed" I say and Julia shook her head. "Charice!" I call as I start to run down the hallway. "CHARICE!" I scream as someone grabbed me and held me close to their chest. I sob and sob and sob. She's gone and there's not a thing I can do about it.



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