Operation Heart Take Over

This is a story about two teens named Vanessa and Charice. Just another day at work for both of them but what will happen when 5 boys come into there lives? I suggest you read it xo

(This story is off my Quotev account)


4. Boys


Charice's P.O.V
[polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95503277 Charice]

[polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95504213 Vanessa]

I walked down the hall and smiled as I approached the desk. "Morning Nessa" I say to my best friend. She smiled lazily whilst sipping her Starbucks. "Morning my lovely" she replied. "How was your sleep?" I question as I set my papers down. "Ok. I woke up late though" she answered. "I know. I got here and your shift starts an hour after mine" I answer as four boys and two girls come running up, all talking at once. "Stop! We only have two ears each" I say as Vanessa answered a phone call smirking at me. "Who are you looking for?" I ask. "Louis Tomlinson" one answered. I nod my head and grab a file that I had been carrying. I open it and look up. "Are you family?" I ask. "No we're his band mates" a blonde replied. I nod my head. "Well, I can't let you see him as he's being operated on but if you wait over there, I can come and update you on his progress" I explain. They nod and sat in the waiting area. "Louis Tomlinson?" Nessa asked. I nod my head. "Is there a problem?" I ask. "He's apart of One Direction!" she quietly squealed. "So he's famous?" I ask. "Extremely" Vanessa replied. I shrug and get some paperwork done. "Excuse me, doctor Brandy?" June said. I turn my head and raise my eyebrows. "Mr Tomlinson is crashing" she said. I shoot up and race to the emergency theater. 
I came out two hours later and walked over to the group that was waiting. "We just operated on Mr Tomlinson but it doesn't look good. He's in critical condition for the next three weeks. We've induced him into a coma and it depends on how long he takes to awake before we can determine anything" I explain. "You can visit him but please be careful as you may not recognize him" I explain. I showed them his room and left them at that.

~ Briee

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