Saved By The Bell

When 17 year old Dancer, Layla Olly meets the biggest boyband on the planet in the most strangest way possible, what will happen? Her mum and dad are always fighting at home and it becomes too much for her. But how does she handle it?


2. wow

(Layla's pov)
Lottie's performance was amazing, she looked beautiful out there. But the only thing running through my mind was that i just bumped into Harry Styles, and as crazy as it sounds it felt like something, clicked. 15 years of dancing and i had never been nervous to go on stage, But knowing that One Direction were in the crowd made me nervous. And i didn't like the feeling. My hip-hop song was Bang Bang by I had a little solo at the start to start off the dance. I ran on and did my thing and my group came on after me. I was looking into the crowd ad thats when i spotted the boys, Harry was, staring at me. Watching my every move. The music faded and the lights dimed down and we ended in our poses.
It was finally time for the 20 minute break! Lottie and i went to grab some more water when Louis grabbed Lottie in a big hug! Harry gave me a cheeky half smile and looked at the ground. "im gonna step outside ill see you back in there Lottie" My mum and dad came to the first concert this morning so i had no family or friends at the second. I was sitting on the brick wall still in my tights, leotard and bike shorts. The next thing i know Harry was standing at my feet. Oh no here comes that nervous feeling again. "h..hi" he spoke nervously "hi" i replied shyly. "you are gorgeous and your a really talented dancer, but i didn't catch your name"  "thankyou, um, im Layla and your Harry right"  "ha, right" "I better get going back to my dressing room ready for the second half but it was nice meeting you harry" "you to love, what dressing room are you in" what was he doing, where was this going? Layla stop staring.. into his big beautiful green eyes and say something! "uh Saturday Intermediates" "great, ill be in after the show" he said with a wink and walked off. What the hell just happened. Is this the start of something new, that i never thought was possible?

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