Things I can't

Travelling all around the world, Harry left Hayley with only her eyes to wipe, untold words, a broken promise and a shattered heart.
But some things can't be erased : a past full of memories she'd rather forget but always will cherish, and an indelible mark, bonding them, forever will remain.
Three little words engraved in her skin and meaningless now that he's gone.


25. Second chance ?

*A week later*
I woke up from a pretty good and peaceful night. It felt so good, it has been ages since I last slept like that.
It's been a week since I last talked to Harry, well if we can consider a single text as talking to someone. He didn't even answer me but in some kind of way I knew he was feeling better ever since. 
I checked my phone and saw I had a text from Niall:

"Hi Hayley! Hope you're feeling good.
I'm taking you on a rendez vous this
evening at Wine & Roses restaurant.
Don't ask questions, just be there 

for 8:30 pm, you have no choice ;)x"

*Haley to Niall*
"Well if I have no choice I guess
I'll be there then, haha. See you x"


8:10 pm

I had finally finished preparing myself for tonight after almost 3 hours. I was really excited, I couldn't stay in one place. I couldn't help but think that it wasn't a simple dinner, maybe he had something to tell me or maybe there was a surprise; you never know with Niall.
I grabbed my handbag, put in it the keys of my hotel room, my phone, and my make up just in case. I felt like a teenager going on her first date, which made me
slightly laugh at myself.

After 25 minutes stuck in the traffic jam, the car that he has sent to pick me up stopped and the driver indicated me that I was arrived, so I thanked him and jumped out of the car. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster in my chest as I approached the entrance of the restaurant. I couldn't see a lot of the inside of the restaurant from where I was but it seemed there was no one in it even though the lights were on. Maybe he had booked the whole restaurant for ourselves. 
I walked in and froze. I had prepared myself for a surprise but not that kind of surprise. Standing there, it was not Niall, but Harry, who was waiting for me. I felt a wave of panick inside me. What should I do ?
As I was standing there, staring at him without moving an inch, he came closer to me. I didn't understand what was happening. Did Niall really prank me to make me go on a date with Harry ? I started getting mad at him. How could he ? He was the person I trusted the more. When I came back from my thoughts, Harry was standing right in front of me; I could see apologies in his eyes. I was about to leave when he grabbed my wirst and started to talk.
"Hayley, please. I know you believed you would go on a date with Niall and I know you're not happy to see me here but please stay and let me explain you a few things. I really need to talk to you. I promise after that I'll let you go if you really want to. But don't hate me without a ..."
"I don't hate you Harry." I cut him. "I swear I don't. It just still hurts a little bit too much to be around you right now."
Once again I was about to leave when my look crossed his. I couldn't do it any longer. Yes I was hurt but I wasn't the only one who were suffering here. I took a deep breath and headed towards the majestic table drew up in the middle of the restaurant.

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