Things I can't

Travelling all around the world, Harry left Hayley with only her eyes to wipe, untold words, a broken promise and a shattered heart.
But some things can't be erased : a past full of memories she'd rather forget but always will cherish, and an indelible mark, bonding them, forever will remain.
Three little words engraved in her skin and meaningless now that he's gone.


6. Memories

I saw this curly tuft that I could recognize among many others.
*Why the hell should I have to be in the same city, at the same hotel, and the room next to this asshole!*
Even though he was back to me (fortunately! I didn't want him to remember my existence, because that's what he did: completely erase me from his life, as if there never was something between us) just to see his silhouette made up in me all our memories. I quickly closed the door before someone notices me and got down in tears, sitting on the floor, back to the door. I could hear them laughing; him and his band mates; despite my tears. His laugh was so beautiful that it hurts. I came here to change my mind and now the past resurfaces. Am I cursed?
Unable to stand it any longer, I got up, walked to my bed; where I lay down; and put my headphones. I listened to my usual playlist for this kind of moments. The first song which was coming was Impossible by James Arthur. "You have gone and so effortlessly"; this part is for you Harry ...
I soon fell asleep, exhausted by my sobs.



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