Things I can't

Travelling all around the world, Harry left Hayley with only her eyes to wipe, untold words, a broken promise and a shattered heart.
But some things can't be erased : a past full of memories she'd rather forget but always will cherish, and an indelible mark, bonding them, forever will remain.
Three little words engraved in her skin and meaningless now that he's gone.


22. I'll be here for you

It could be anyone. I didn't want to know who that was, and I didn't want to see anyone anyway. The worst that could happen to me at this moment, worse than Harry, would be my mother knocking at my door ... The person knocked once more at my door; I just stayed in my bed, not making any noise, hoping the mysterious person would leave me alone. But after a short while, I heard some strange noises on my door and the latter opened itself. I quickly closed my eyes pretending I was sleeping. Hopefully, I was turned toward the window and not in front of the door. The person closed the door and walked straight toward my bed without a word. My heart started to beat harder in my chest, not knowing who that could be. I felt the person laying down beside me on the bed.
"Stop pretending you're asleep Hayley; I know you more than most people do, you know" he said with a heartwarming voice. I turned around to find myself in front of him. He was smiling at me, but I could see what appeared to be a little sadness in his eyes, his beautiful eyes. I smiled back at him.
"How did you managed to open my door ?"
"One day I forgot my keys to go home, so I called a locksmith and I've seen how he proceed to unlock my door, and here I am" he told me, giggling and shrugging his shoulders.
"You impress me Niall" I replied, giggling too. It was the first time since a long time that someone managed to make me laugh.
A long silent followed, but not a heavy silent, more this kind of peaceful silent where you could stay like this forever. 
"Hum ... How do you feel?" Niall asked me with a shy and hesitating voice, breaking the silence.
"Right now I feel good." A smile appeared on his face.
"I mean, how do you feel about everything that's going on at the moment ?" I looked at him straight in the eyes before answering. His eyes were full of questions.. 
"Actually, I don't really know. I'm completely lost with myself; there's too much happening at the same time.." I said a bit lost in my thoughts. He simply replied "ok", not wanting to seem insisting, I guessed. I knew it wasn't a good idea to ask my next question but I couldn't help it .. 
"And.. Hum.. How is Harry doing ?" I whispered avoiding Niall's look. As he didn't answer I looked at him. He had a sad expression on his face.
"We managed to calm him down after the .. hum .. incident of the hospital; right now he has stopped crying but he's locked in his room and doesn't want to see anyone.. And he hasn't eaten since the other day, when he saw you in the street and found you unconscious the night that followed" Niall told me, looking at ceiling. I hated Harry for what he did to me but still, I felt guilty for his state, he was apparently really touched by the situation, more than I thought he was. I guessed Niall saw the worry on my face as he took me in his arms while saying "Stop making you feel bad about all of this, it's not your fault at all. Now sleep, you need to rest. I'll be there when you'll wake up." He knew me so well, I could not hide anything from him. He kissed my forehead and I buried my head in his warm chest. I fell asleep after a few seconds.

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