Things I can't

Travelling all around the world, Harry left Hayley with only her eyes to wipe, untold words, a broken promise and a shattered heart.
But some things can't be erased : a past full of memories she'd rather forget but always will cherish, and an indelible mark, bonding them, forever will remain.
Three little words engraved in her skin and meaningless now that he's gone.


8. Beautiful city

Once in my room, I went on the balcony. I needed fresh air to clear my mind. The weather was cold and gray. We were near of the end-of-year celebrations. Though I was wearing a jacket, I could feel the cold overrunning my body. I took a deep breath to calm the emotions that jostled in me. I was both happy to have seen Niall and sad because of Harry. It's a strange feeling. I looked away ahead, staring off in Central Park that stretched in front of me. Then I decided to prepare myself. I was here to visit New York, not to lament on my fate; especially not because of Harry. That was 3 years ago Haley, I told to myself. It would have been stupid to waste my time crying for a boy when there was so much to discover out. I had dreamed of this moment for such a long time! The city must be beautiful at this time of year, I thought.

Once ready, I took my bag; walked to the door; checked that there was no sign of life from the boys in the hallways and left. 

I took a taxi which dropped me off at Time Square a few minutes later. It was absolutely wonderful. Let's go for my first day of tourism, I whispered happily while I was getting out of the taxi.



Niall's POV

As I joined my room I met Zayn.  He looked at me with a mischievous look.
"Well small Secretive, how was it?" he said with a big smile.
I didn't immediately understand what he was talking about. So I just said "what?".
"Don't make this face Niall. When I woke up I haven't seen you and knowing you I knew right away where you could be. So I went down and I saw you with that girl. You looked good at making her laugh" he said, winking.
"Oh no, it's not what you think!"
"I didn't know you were shy about these things; but Niall, you know you can tell me, you're like a little brother to me."
"What? No! I know that, Zayn, but I already told you that it wasn't what you think!"
"If you let me speak I could explain you!" I said a bit angry and tired.
"Ok, I'm listening."
"Not here. Where are the boys?"
"They're still sleeping"
"Ok, follow me!"
"Where are we going?" he said, a wondering look on his face.
"In the emergency stairs, at least no one will hear us" I whispered.
"It's becoming weird! You didn't make stupid things?"
"No, don't worry about that. Here we are." 
We sat on the steps; I take a deep breath and I started to tell him (I know I promised to Haley not to tell anything, but I can't lie to Zayn after what he has seen).
"Do you remember Haley?" I said.
"Haley? No... Who's that Haley?"
"Haley Blacks, Harry's ex."
"Oh! Yes, I remember! That's Harry who's going to be surprised".
"No Zayn! If I brought you here to tell you that, it's because I promised Haley that I would not tell to anyone that she's here. Apparently she still suffers from what Harry did to her. Promise me that you're gonna keep it for you" I said while I was catching Zayn's arm as he was getting up.
"Yes, I promise. But did you know that she was here?".
"No I met her at the restaurant".
"Okay bro. Join the guys before they ask questions. It's been 20 minutes since I left to look for you. We must prepare for interviews or we'll be late"

An hour later we left for a day of interviews through the whole city.

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