Things I can't

Travelling all around the world, Harry left Hayley with only her eyes to wipe, untold words, a broken promise and a shattered heart.
But some things can't be erased : a past full of memories she'd rather forget but always will cherish, and an indelible mark, bonding them, forever will remain.
Three little words engraved in her skin and meaningless now that he's gone.


13. A.N

                                                             Hi guys !!! :) 
@mybestfriendisapenguin_xX made a new cover for the story but I can't actually choose cause I like the two of them ^^ So what do you think ? Which one should I take ? :) The old one or the new one ? :)



                                                             The old one



                                                              The new one



              PS: Thanks for reading the story, it really means a lot to me ! I'll try to update asap ;) 
                                                    and Happy New Year everyone !! :D xx 

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