I'm gust the girl that lives in the closet

Have you ever been home alone when you
Hear these strange noises you walk in to
Your room and the closet ratels the face
At the window and the little girl in the corner
Of the room

That girl is me


9. Stuck bye the souls

Hannah's pov

After I killed Harry I think his name was I grabbed his under arms and draged

him on the floor dry blood cracks away from his weight 

I walk out and walk down the to familer hall I stop at my door and walk in

and crull in to my closet and loomat my minny clock 5:00 

the people down stars will wake up soon I go to sleep ~~~~

i awake to a screem I tern invisable an walk down the stars 

to see all the teens hudeld around a smaller girl 



roses pov 

I wake up and look around two people are missing Harry an 

elouner I crull out my sleeping bag an look for em 

I look down the hall scratches lead me to a room covered in blood and a huge holl I 

walk slowly towards the holl and look down I narrow my eyes and gust see 

a strick of elouners and Harry's hair I screem and run 

to the sleeping room everyone wakes up and crouds me

i look at the sters to see a blueish girl covered on blood and ha scratches 

and black eyes I screem and point to her no one sees her

and she look alarmed and runs up sters everyone sters at me like 

I'm crazy Niall comes up and says "where's Harry and elouner

" I point to the hall and slowly aproch it we all wal down

the hall Liam dragging his hand on the scratches I point to

the room thay walking me earning a few screens and gasps 

I say "l-lo-ok down t-the ho-ll" only Louis and Zane look 

and gasp we all look at each outher and bolt for the frount door 



a/n sorry for the clif hanger

i gust wanted to make one and COMINT ya fav 

food 😝

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