I'm gust the girl that lives in the closet

Have you ever been home alone when you
Hear these strange noises you walk in to
Your room and the closet ratels the face
At the window and the little girl in the corner
Of the room

That girl is me


4. Rose pov

Rose pov



‘’We’re here’’ Liam said and stopped the car right infront of the house..
We took our bags and stood infront of the of door..no one said any single word … we just kept staring at the creepy looking house.. It was Huge really huge house with about three floors,borken windows and a big door
After about a minute of silent
Danielle said calmly : ‘’erm..guys i heard that this house abandoned 10 years ago..’’
‘’wow..’’ i croaked
‘’Let’s go in guuuys c’mon !!’’ Zayn pleasent
‘’W-what do you guys think … emm..we will go in .. ?’’ Harry said pointing at the house with a very worried look on his face
‘’C’mon Harry stop being chicken and man up !’’ Zayn yelled and pushed harry’s shoulder
‘’Ugh fine !!’’ harry whined and hugged Tatiana
I looked at Niall and he knew i was a bit scared so he held my hand and kissed it softly …
‘’So… we’ll go in now ?’’ Louis asked
It was almost 8pm and the weather was so cold
We looked at each other and Zayn Yelled ‘’YES !’’
Niall and Liam pushed the door and the rest walked in … The house is dark and smelly. All the windows were full of cracks and filled with mold.and the walls were covered in moldy wallpaper ….


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