I'm gust the girl that lives in the closet

Have you ever been home alone when you
Hear these strange noises you walk in to
Your room and the closet ratels the face
At the window and the little girl in the corner
Of the room

That girl is me


3. Hannah's pov

Hannah's pov (the girl that lives in the closet)


i was on the 3ed flore silently steering out the window iv lived in this house for 156 years and iv killed 74 people but I never kill people under the age of 11 cas thay are to young and afraid to die a yell interrupted my thorts


"LOOK THE HUNTED HOUSE" a young man yealled by the looks of it there are 10 people in the veacall and are all above the ages of 11 I made a run for the sliding dore clcloset  


The people walked in the front dore loudly a young lady stared at the house from the out side" I don't think this is a good idea what if it rilly is hunted or the roof breaks " the young lady stated another young lady said "hahahaha we have a chicken " the man that said look the hunted house said "love it will be ok it's gust spooks come have dinner" he said 


i terned investable and followed them to the very big kitchen a 20 looking man was cooking he had curly hear and green eyes "HARRY HURRY UP" an unknown man yelled Harry moned and grabbed the plates he slowly walked to the table and surved the food one of the young man was eating very fast "Niall your eating to fast " a young lady said "rosssseeee" Niall wined "niallllll" rose wined back " fine" Niall grunted 


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