I'm gust the girl that lives in the closet

Have you ever been home alone when you
Hear these strange noises you walk in to
Your room and the closet ratels the face
At the window and the little girl in the corner
Of the room

That girl is me


5. First victim

Hannah's pov 


I walked to the clots and curled up in to a ball it is a very small space

1 meatier tall 30by40 center meaters wide I decided to wate till night about mid night

to kill my next victim once I killed a preganent girl  I fell sorry for the baby but 

I dident know till I cut her open soo ya 6 hours latter




sorry the chap is super short I was tipeing when my mum

runs in saying we had to go meet up with some on 

so we went see you soon

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