I'm gust the girl that lives in the closet

Have you ever been home alone when you
Hear these strange noises you walk in to
Your room and the closet ratels the face
At the window and the little girl in the corner
Of the room

That girl is me


6. First victim pt two

Hanna's pov


i open my eyes and look at my minny clock 11:46 hummm ill

do it now I guess I open the sliding dore and climb out I 

walk to my safe and punch in the code and brab the poisened cloth

and walk to my rusty dore it creeks open and I step out and walk

down the creepy hall way but it Isent creepy for me cas 

iv walked down it so meny times


eloners pov


i wake up at some were nere 11:30 to my tummy rumbling 

I sit up trying not to wake up Louis  and rub my tummy 

I stand up steeping over evry one and get to the minny

frige witch Niall has probly cleaned out lucky for me he 

did not I grabe an apple and bite the yummy apple

i was walking back to bed when I herd foot steps 

thay stoped after 5 secons I bet my face was pale

i looked around to see if some one was missing but no 

luck the foot steps started agen I looked at the hall

way I steped over Louis and walked to the hall way

i faced the hall way and looked up to see the sceerest

face ever it was blue with scars black lips witch were 

cracked and pitch black eyes like no white and she was holding

a white flanil I looked back up about to screem

when she slapped the cloth to my mouth and nose

i griped her arm trying to pull her away when it all 

went black and I never awoke

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