Let me be the one

Harry Styles falls in love with a girl in the park. He tries to make her love him so they can be together forever. Do they get married? Do they have kids?


2. The charming

                 “I feel so loved with Matthew always treating me like a princess and cuddling with me whenever I feel alone. He is the  peanut to my butter.” Vale exclaimed. “You don’t have to rub it in when you know I’m single.” I exclaimed. “Sorry but I just can’t tell anybody else this because I know I can trust you.” “It’s okay. I’m used to it.” “I need to pee soooooooo badly. I can’t hold it anymore.” Vale exclaimed. “You were in the bathroom for like an hour before we left. What did you do in there? Hide food away from me or something you fat ass.” I said. We both laughed. “No I would never do that unless it is pizza. Just kidding. I only did my make. Now if you can excuse me I am going home to pee. I’ll be back.” Vale said. “Don’t take and hour again” “I won’t”. Thank god we live 2 blocks away from the park. I stayed in the park by myself sitting down alone. I go walk to the big tree gleaming with sparkling lights. I lay down by the tree and look at the sky. A really hot green-eyed guy with curly brown hair stares at me. “Are you okay or do I need to the call the ambulance?” a random guy tells me. “No I’m fine thank you thought for caring though” I said blushing. . I stand up to see him face to face with me. “You are beautiful” he whispers pretending I did not hear him. “Did you say something?” I questioned pretending I didn’t hear him. “Oh no nothing.” He said blushing. “What is your name?” he asks me. “Nicole but everybody calls me Nicki. What is you name?” “Harry Styles but everybody calls me Harry” he says laughing. We keep talking for about five minutes about each other. “I just wanted to know if I can get your number if that is okay with you” I said. “Sure you can love” I give him my phone and he writes down his number. We stare at each other for a moment. His eyes sparkle in the reflection of the sparkling eyes on the tree. I look at the time and its late. “I’m sorry but I have to go” I told. “If you want I can take you home love.” Harry says. “Sure but I only live 2 blocks away though.” I say. “It’s fine.” He says. We walk to his car and he opens the door for me. “Well thank you” I say. “Welcome. Anything for a beauty like you” he says. I start to blush. We show up at my front door. “Thank  you so much for the ride.” Right when I’m about leave he grabs my hand. “I had a great time tonight. Wanna do it again?” “Sure. I had a great time too. Bye” “Let me atleast take you to the front door of your house.” He says smiling. He walks out and opens the door of the car for me. He closes the door and walks me to the door step of my house. He leans up to me slowly about to kiss me. I stare at him and just kiss him. “Well thank you for that and for the ride again” I say staring at him and bushing. “Your  welcome. See you tomorrow?” he says. “Sure.” 

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